T-shirt humour. Australian musicians’ take on year 2020 so far

Aussies never lose their sense of humour, be it in everyday life or the music industry. So when it was announced that the annual Australian Music T-Shirt Day would be celebrated earlier on this year, some musos took this as an invitation to show off their best 2020 jokes so far. And it’s up to their fans to evaluate whether they did a good job before this coming Friday.


I dedicated two posts to #AusMusicTShirtDay last year: this one explains the concept in general and in this one I let my friends from Oz speak for themselves, wearing their fave bands’ apparel.

Normally, it would be taking place in November but – due to the financial hardships the industry is facing and most musos being literally screwed right now – it’s been brought forward to 17 April 2020.

This time round I decided to share my #AusMusicTShirtDay fashion choices. Here are some options I’d definitely wear this coming Friday if I had access to them all.


Spiderbait are a rock/pop/punk band from NSW with a 25-year history, signed to Universal. And for this special edition of #AusMusicTShirtDay they prepared a special kind of treat for their fans. Pretty on point, I’d say. You’ll definitely never forget 2020, even though no dates or inscriptions are printed on the tee. The bog roll will defend itself.


You’ll get it if you know what “fanny” stands for in the English slang. And if you don’t, go here, for example. The joke is even funnier when you realise who stands behind the T-Shirt. It is a country/Australiana artist from NSW, Fanny Lumsden. I never thought I’d say this in my entire life but in this case I do “love Fanny”.


Sometimes you need to be able to say “no” to things, both in life and the show biz. And the NO NO NO NO NO pop punk/post hardcore band based in Adelaide teaches you how to shamelessly emphasise it. If you choose their newest apparel, no misunderstandings will happen to you ever again. This is the next level of assertiveness. Guaranteed.


Tuka – a Sydney rapper – couldn’t have expressed it more clearly with this tee. It’s the title of one of his tunes from 2019. But it also expresses the situation artists, and especially musicians, find themselves in waaaaay too many times. I reckon you should wear it to every contract or fee negotiation meeting. Not to leave room for any doubts.


Something serious for a change. Caiti Baker is a soul/R&B singer. I’ve mentioned her here a few times before. And because she’s from the Northern Territory (NT) where things only get hot or hotter throughout the year, I’ve chosen a suitable garment – a singlet. Simple, comfortable and effective.

(And since we’re on the NT topic, there are heaps of artists from that part of Oz that have very little chances of being discovered elsewhere. So if you’re keen on discovering new music, check out this page with the links to some acts’ merch, put together by Music NT.)


Remember those scenes from the movies when you’re on a date and the guy or gal is boring AF, so you’re frantically looking for an Excuse For An Exit? Normally you’d have your bestie ring you after which you’d evacuate yourself from the place with a big fat lie. Those days are over because this alt rock / melodic pop band from Victoria is giving you the perfect excuse to wear.


This year’s been something already. Bushfires in Australia in January, floods for a change a month later. Coronavirus more or less since March, Down Under is officially closed to visitors. And it’s only mid-April. I don’t even wanna think about what’s going to happen to the live music industry worldwide if we don’t get this thing under control. It looks like Sydney-based Thundamentals have a pretty clear idea, though.


There’s a popular brand of cleaning products and detergents Down Under called Dettol. (You might know it from the UK as well.) Its logo looks exactly like the one on Polish Club‘s new tee. On the band’s website it’s advertised as 99.9% germ free which is pretty much in line with Dettol’s slogan, too. Unsurprisingly, the Sydney-based rock duo nailed its (cultural?) references yet again.


Finally, some sensible inspiration/motivation. Kira Puru – a Melbourne-based singer – proposes a different approach to life in the bizarre times we’re currently experiencing. Instead of trying hard to be something you’re not (i.e. just because everyone seems to think you should at least write a book during the quarantine), Kira says: “give yourself a break!” and “Have a nice day” instead.

My thoughts exactly. But keep washing those hands.

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