Those times when Aussie police dropped music references on social media

Police are there to keep us safe – they’re not the ones to be messed with. When communicating with the public, they normally use pretty serious, mundane and formal language. No wonder – cases they investigate are no laughing matter. Police = respect + obedience. That’s a fact.

And I know it sounds irrelevant AF to this blog. So I won’t blame you if you ask the question: what on Earth does it have to do with anything?


Police forces Down Under like to incorporate pop culture references when it comes to getting their message across to younger generations through the only channels where the youth listens: social media. And it actually works.

The above post appeared on Instagram a few days ago (6 Aug). Soz if I sound like a teenage groupie, but I reckon it’s lit. (And tell me you’re not tryin’ to sing those lyrics with the Billie Eilish tune right now.)

I’ve been following a few accounts of law enforcers in Australia on socials the same way I signed up for Tinder years ago – by a complete accident. Mostly, for traffic warnings when going to mass events or useful updates when travelling around the country. And amongst those boring (yet necessary) announcements, once in a while, you can find real gems that will make your day like nothing else.

You’ll be surprised how creative some of them get. You can totally tell those social media managers behind the Aussie police profiles must be pretty young themselves (or have rad external consultants) – the music and pop culture references they drop are pretty on point.

Below is a quick selection of the best ones (in my humble opinion), divided by state.

Even the Australian Federal Police (AFP) from Canberra are keeping up.

The winners, though, are the coppas from NSW (New South Wales) – aka The Blue Guys. Their social media game is solid. And they literally are all over the place: from catchy music lyrics, to trending Netflix shows and popular radio segments.

See for yourself:

And here is my absolute favourite from the same legends:

So, if there is ever any masterclass with the NSW police social media team, sign me up!

Get social with Silly McWiggles here:

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