The Kills, “Ash&Ice” – express album review

The Anglo-American duo present their new (old) music.

VV and Hotel are back. They certainly took their time but it’s been worth the wait.

There are some constant things about it. Mosshart’s vocals and Hince’s guitar that blend in so well together are one of the most recognisable features of this record. The band are also clearly faithful to their bluesy style (“Hum For Your Buzz”). And the lyrics are simple yet profound (“Days of Why and How”).

But you’re in for a surprise, too. You’ll find a proper ballad on the album (“Echo Home”). This time they have borrowed and explored a variety of styles, influences, sounds effects, rhythms and beats. They have incorporated some interesting hooks in some tracks (“Siberian Nights” or “Let It Drop”). Yet – in spite of these “new tricks” – they have also managed to keep their signature row style which still makes them sound authentic.

This record is a little more “perfect” and mature considering the 5 year break. They have definitely realised their value as musicians. But most importantly – VV and Hotel are definitely not “Doing It To Death”. 

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