The Twelve Days of Christmas. Here’s your 2020 Aussie Listmas

Christmas is almost here. This year it’s going to be different on soooooooo many levels. It seems that the whole Universe is out of control right now, and it keeps on producing obstacles every single day. Sadly, some of us won’t be able to spend the holidays with friends or family because of that. And it can get lonely sometimes. I know it, I’ve been there before.

Thankfully, we’ve still got Christmas music. So to make it a little more entertaining during this very special, yet very weird time of the year, I’ve put together a Festive 2020 Aussie Listmas.


Before I leave you to it, let me share a few words about the playlist first.

For starters, I’ve arranged the songs’ titles in alphabetical order. Because let’s have some structure in this messy year after all!

And in case you’re not familiar with the term, the Twelve Days of Christmas run from Christ’s birth until the Three Kings’ visit (so from 25 December until 5 January). But there are 13 songs on the listmas.

The first one is one of the (many) Aussie versions of the popular English carol. So it’s like an intro, really. Don’t listen to it hungry, though – it lists way too many delish foods Aussies chuck on the barbie (not necessarily only for Christmas).

The rest of the songs are a mix of fun and serious stuff, by Australia’s finest and those on the rise – because that’s what Aussie Christmas music is all about.

You’ll instantly recognise a few takes on the Chrissy classics. For instance, I couldn’t NOT include an Aussie rendition of Mariah Carey’s timeless hit (you know which one). But I’ve opted for a very recent one from 2020 by Nashville’s Aussie sweetheart, Morgan Evans.

There are some original Christmas anthems made Down Under, too. I’m pretty sure my Aussie friends would never forgive me if I didn’t include “How To Make Gravy” by Paul Kelly. To be honest, I wouldn’t forgive myself, either – it’s a true Aussie classic that everybody knows and respects.

Although Christmas is a more European/Anglo-Saxon tradition, it has been embraced by Indigenous Australia to a certain extent. That’s why I’ve also included a song by Christine Anu who is a singer of Torres Strait Islander heritage.

But don’t be fooled – not all tunes on the playlist are so Christmassy. Some songs have a groovy, rock vibe, like Polish Club‘s “I Hate You But You Gotta Stay (On Christmas Day)”. Because holidays on the beach are slightly different from the ones in the snow (like the louder and more rowdy kind of different).

And if you’re into English slang and Aussie vernacular, check out “We Wish You a Ripper Christmas” by Colin Buchanan and Greg Champion. It’s a small prezzie from me to you.

Finally, there’s something for those of you who have kids. Look for a Christmas song by Australia’s favourite children’s music group, The Wiggles, on the listmas. It tells the Nativity story in 1:15 mins. Short and sweet – in case you didn’t know how to explain it to your little ones. You’re welcome.

So that’s it. Feel free to listen to it all in one take. Or you can ration the experience and check out a song a day, starting on 25 December. But no matter how you decide to go about it:

Cover image: Brisbane Kids

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