Rainbow Serpent Festival. Australia’s most colourful music event?

After the loud 20th year anniversary, Rainbow Serpent Festival comes back to Victorian countryside next summer.

Once again, fans will party to trance, techno, house and other electronic music over a weekend. The festival will also host a range of visual artists, lifestyle coaches and cultural experiences.

With over 100 musicians, DJs and producers, five big stages with different vibes and music running 24 hours a day, the festival is set to satisfy the pickiest audiences. The full line-up is far from being finalised but a lot of international artists from Germany, Israel, the US, Brazil and Australia have already been confirmed. Applications are open until 30 September. The most famous artist to have performed to date is Shpongle – a UK psychedelic project.

The festival has strong ties to the Aboriginal community; hence its name. One of the festival’s villages – Karrung Larr (Bark Hut Camp) – will feature a series of events, such as basket weaving workshops, didgeridoo performances and boomerang throwing demonstrations, showcasing the rich heritage of the First Peoples of Australia.

Due to recent cases of excessive substance abuse, violence and sexual offenses, the organisers will emphasise matters surrounding the fun. The event’s sustainability, caring for environment, security or respect for one another will be highlighted. The 10 Pillars of Festival Safety include practical rules of engagement, i.e. love your ears (and use earplugs), eat something every few hours or practise and promote safe sex and consent.

Festival goers will continue to make Serpent a positive experience. “It’s like nothing else”, they claim. The organisers encourage participants “to bring costume changes” and “a carefree and fun loving attitude”. Creative outfits, bright make-up and an abundance of colours are guaranteed.

*The article was written in 2017, so some of the info might now be obsolete. 

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Where: Lexton, Victoria, Australia

When: 26-29 January 2018 (Thursday-Sunday)

Tickets: starting from AUD 310 + booking fee


Further info: https://www.rainbowserpent.net/

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