I’ve taken a nostalgic trip to Melbourne on the ‘Cultural Popcorn’ show. Wanna join me?

A few months ago, I was asked to join a radio show called ‘Cultural Popcorn’ as a monthly co-host.

Apart from being totally flattered, the idea appealed to me for another reason. I basically have free rein in everything I do. I can pick the theme, play the bands and genres I want, and talk about what I fancy in between. Obviously, within reason.

So it should come as no surprise that one of my first episodes would be dedicated to the Aussie city where this music blogging adventure started in the first place.


I miss Melbourne. There, I said it out loud.

When I was leaving in mid-June 2019, I didn’t think I wasn’t going back anytime soon. But life happens while we’re making plans. So I keep in touch with its vibrant music scene in other, remote ways these days. Talking about it to everyone I know is one of them. And if I have a platform like an online broadcaster – even better. ‘Cultural Popcorn‘ affords me that opportunity. 

It is an eclectic weekly music show aired on Radio 614, based in Columbus-Ohio. The idea behind it is “music old, new, borrowed and blue, plus a mix of obscure cuts from around the world”. There are currently four international hosts. All of us have veeeeeery different music tastes.

And the best part is – the show goes on for 2 hours straight. So we can properly dive into our respective music rabbit holes 😉

Mind you, the above times are in the Columbus, Ohio timezone.

In my first episode, I warned the listeners there’d be heaps of Aussie music on the show from that moment onwards. And I’ve already delivered on that promise.

My Melbourne-dedicated show is a trip down memory lane. Hence, it’s a subjective tour of the city’s suburbs and how I remember them. I’m letting you in on some of my music industry-related adventures. But you’ll also hear about some iconic venues and legendary events.

And I hopefully managed to choose at least a few local acts you’ve never heard of before. That’s because, aside from including my favourite ones and some that are now internationally famous, I’d posted a call-out to emerging bands on FB as well.

When it comes to the genres, you’ll find it all, with a few minor exceptions due to the time limitation. That’s Melbourne for you. I could be talking about it for hours.

Just a heads-up, there are some controversial song choices on there, too. Because, to me, music is something that unites us, regardless of the artificial boundaries created by politics. But you’ll have to listen to the whole thing to find out what I mean.

Since the episode is now archived on Mixcloud, you can do that below. I’m keen to find out what you think 😉

‘Cultural Popcorn’

Listen on Radio 614

Sundays at

  • 2 PM – 4 PM -> Columbus, Ohio, US time
  • 7 PM – 9 PM -> UK time
  • 8 PM – 10 PM -> Continental Europe time
  • 6 AM – 8 AM -> Melbourne, AU time (the next day, so Monday morning)

My episodes are on the second Sunday of the month.

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