Meet DZirè – a Melbourne-based musician and producer who inspired me to start a podcast

I don’t use my LinkedIn profile too often. So it was pure coincidence that I received a connection request from a musician whose name I didn’t know when I checked it one day.

Curious as I am, I combed the socials for any info on DZirè… and there wasn’t much. Except for a review of her debut EP “Love Train” from 2017. A glowing review, I might add.

So I listened to it. And then, I accepted the connection request. And after that, I invited her for a chat to find out more about this indie powerhouse. The result is the very first episode of my newly launched podcast, Silly Talks. And it so happens that DZirè has just released a new single as well.


DZirè (real name Desiree Cameron) is a Melbs-based singer-songwriter whose sound is an experimental yet very sophisticated blend of dark pop, soul and industrial music. It’s additionally all wrapped in retro nostalgia vibes with elements of synths and alt-rock. And it perfectly fits DZirè’s description of her craft, “I make music about painful things to feel better”.

Apart from her own thing, this talented female has started a business under DZirè Music, producing and refining alternative content for other musos. This collaborative venture was born from her “vision (…) to help others reach their potential by unlocking their artistic creativity.” And she definitely has heaps to offer.

When we first met virtually, I didn’t know where the conversation would take us. DZirè doesn’t volunteer much insight into her life and work on her socials. She lets her songs do the talking instead. But once she starts telling you about herself, you discover a super-interesting personality with clear ideas on where she sees her place in the music community and how she plans to get there.

A lot of the things we covered during our convo are topics I often come across when speaking to emerging artists. We discussed having to do all the hustle and bustle to be noticed, staying true to yourself whilst developing a unique yet recognizable brand and the lack of broader coaching or mentoring opportunities for the newcomers to the business. She also told me about her creative process, working with her ever-supportive muso father and how Melbourne influenced her musicianship and musical style.

And then I wanted to know everything about her recent single “Gun Love”, which dropped on 3 December, and, in my humble opinion, is a testament to her innovative approach to music.

“Gun Love” is veeeeery different from the debut EP’s vibes. It’s true that DZirè’s songs have always included elements of rebellion and relationship topics through her lyrics. But when I heard this new track for the first time, I paused it to check whether it was actually her song. Because it’s much more feisty and empowering, both on the sonic and lyrical levels.

I’m sorry Jesus,

but I bought my own gun,

I was hurt by someone 

I don’t like what I’ve become

You know I’m sad but I’m strong

And I don’t care about them 

I don’t care at all

Check out what it sounds like yourself:

“Gun Love” is the first single from the upcoming EP, Rectify. It was produced and written by DZirè at her studio in Melbourne. The song carries a fluidity of darker synth-pop chords and lower vocal elements, creating an experience congruent with the track’s message of feminine embodiment. It touches on having a breakthrough sense of courage after an abusive relationship.*

For me, this new single is a clear statement that DZirè’s primary goal is to develop and explore new territories whilst keeping her signature soulful character. As the artist stated herself, she is “rebirthing into her music career again”.* And what a spectacular rebirth it is! I’m very keen to hear the whole EP when it is released in the first quarter of 2022.

So you’ll see why I thought it would be a total shame to keep our chat and everything I found out from this creative soul all to myself. And that’s how the idea for my podcast came about.

Here are some essential deets about this new venture of mine.

Silly Talks is a twice-weekly series, available on Spotify and YouTube. On Sunday evenings, you’ll get conversations with different guests covering broader industry topics, aka the Silly Talk. It will be followed by a more personal chat with that same invitee called Silly Encore every Thursday evening.

The episode with DZirè is the very first of (hopefully) many insightful conversations about the Australian music scene in its many aspects. Apart from artists, I’ll do my best to engage other music industry professionals. And if you have any ideas on topics and guests you’d like to hear on the podcast, you know where to find me. Or maybe you’d like to be featured in it as well?

For now, hear the Silly Talk with DZirè on Spotify or watch it on YouTube. The Silly Encore with the Melbourne muso, where she dives deeper into her musical style, is dropping tomorrow (Thursday, 9 December).

I reckon it would be a great idea to follow the podcast on Spotify or subscribe to it on YouTube as well 😉 And stay tuned for more Silly Talks before Christmas!

* Info and the post’s cover image taken from the artist’s EPK.

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