About the Author

Hi, my name is Saba, but I write this blog under the moniker Silly McWiggles.

I’m currently based in Europe and work as a freelancer.

I’m a self-proclaimed blogger with a VERY different background. I know a thing or two about the music industry but… play no instruments and sing only in the shower. Just so we’re clear, I write this blog purely as a hobby. Most topics I cover are my private commentary, investigations and/or observations. So, sometimes, we might have to agree to disagree 🙂

But I am a certified music journo 🙂

This blog started as a repository for my music journalism course writings. It has gradually evolved into an opinionated portal on the Australian music scene that I – madly yet accidentally – fell in love with while living Down Under.

My mission is to shamelessly spread the word about Aussie music in all its shapes and colours, and shine some light on the lesser known acts, events and developments from Down Under. But I also cover mainstream topics and artists (who doesn’t!).


(as of December 2020 – it will probably change in a few months)

Fave Aussie act


Fave Aussie song

Fave Aussie radio station

double J

Fave Aussie lyrics

Dying Song by Montaigne

“What if I only got a single life?
What if I trip and fall upon my knife?
What if the world is meant for doom and gloom?
Guess at the end you can sing this tune

This is gonna be my dying song
So, what the hell, I’ll sing it loud and long
Thanks to all the songs that I have sung
But this is the last before I’m wrung and hung
This is gonna be my dying song
Thanks to the life that I have lived and loved
I’ll see you soon after evil hath won”

Fave Aussie album

Fave Aussie (music) venue

The Espy in St Kilda, Melbourne

Fave Aussie music mag

Tone Deaf

Fave Aussie music documentary